Design sheetmetal parts ready for production with ASCO CAM CHECK 4.0


ASCO CAM CHECK 4.0 allows to check Solidedge sheetmetal parts for correct design. By checking with the available production equipment, extra work and redesign are easily avoided, while your designers can be sure their parts can be handled by the production department. By combining CAM CHECK with our Solid Edge export module SE2CAM, we offer the perfect toolset for handling Sheetmetal parts design data.


 Cam Check Solid Edge Example

Checking your parts in a flash: just launch the test mode during the design phase of your Sheetmetal part in Solid Edge…


Just use CAM CHECKS’s unique and easy to use web configuration to set up the available tools, machines and technological parameters of your production facilities. CAM CHECK then allows checking if the test items pass or fail. A small extract: tab lengths, bend angles, beading radii and material-dependant use of punching tools.


CAM CHECK Solidedge Example

…and check if your model is designed according to your production capabilities – preventing problems with your production department!



In addition, the user may teach the system with CAD features, such as hole and thread pat-terns. CAM CHECK detects these CAD features and cautions the user against any deviations. CAD features may either be imported from the Solid Edge design library or from external data (STEP import).



  • Test items
     Check if the preferred bending angle was used in the model, based on material and bending machine settings.
     Check for corner closure between two flanges, based on material
     Check for matching material and model thickness
     Check for used features that are not based on feature library items
     Check for minimum thickness between used features
     Check for correct sheet side
     Check for material conformity for used features
     Check for minimal distance between features and flanges
     Check for minimal radii of roller beads
     Check for minimal lengths of continuous beads
     Check if angle (minimum/maximum) is allowed for flanges
     Check if flanges have minimal lengths
    …and many more, as the system is expandable!


 CAM CHECK 4.0 Configuration ExampleCAM CHECK 4.0 Configuration Table

New production equipment? No problem: the innovative web configuration interface allows to change the nominal values as well as edit and add new production equipment.


System requirements:

ASCO CAM CHECK is compatible with Solid Edge ST 8 or later. Users with a maintenance agreement will receive versions for all later versions of Solid Edge

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The ultimate bending analysis tools for your preferred CAD program- ASCO-AB and ASCO-SB!

ASCO DATA offers a great and unique solution for offline bending programming using your CAD software of choice, both for slew and three point bending.

Using these CAD Add-Ins for DSS SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX, Siemens SolidEdge as well as Autodesk Inventor enables the mechanical designers to perform a comprehensive bending simulation that matches the exact set up of tools and machinery available.

 Screenshot der ASCO Biegeanalyse  

Unfold like a pro with ASCO-BA

The bending assistant ASCO-BA is a CAD Add-In for Siemens SolidEdge, DSS SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX and Autodesk Inventor.
With ASCO-BA you can define Reference bending tools within the CAD Software's 3D interface. ASCO-BA enhances the built-in sheet metal features so the designer is able to create unfoldings that exactly match the available sheet metal bending tools.

Bild des Biegeassistenten ASCO-BA

Your ASCO DATA representatives

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Grenoble, Bremen – June, 2017

 ALMA and ASCO DATA are joining forces to form a leading group on the German sheet metal CAD/CAM market

Press release ALMA-ASCO


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