ASCO DATA's software supports all technologies for cutting and bending of parts.

ASCO customers come from all sectors in the capital and consumer goods industries as well as their suppliers, primarily in Europe. In these longstanding relationships, the objectives of our clients naturally tend to change over the course of time. And this is is where we come in: the targets of our customers become our goals, changing the thrust of our technical developments.

During an advisory phase, ASCO identifies the potentials:

Saving material through sophisticated scrap optimization routines. This is becoming more and more important in view of today’s prices for materials and the ever smaller batch sizes. To a large degree, ASCO customers have always manufactured exactly the quantities required at that time, thus automatically shortening their throughput times and reducing the material inventory levels. Minimizing the manpower assignment, thanks to a high degree of genuinely automatic programming and nesting processes. Our excellent operator guidance supports the workflow: always allowing you to keep track of the action and achieve better, stress-free production. Automatic wherever possible – interactive only when needed

ASCO gives you “process planning just in time”

Cutting downtimes through process-safe NC data. ASCO knows the machines well, and generates reliable and “fast” NC data.
You will find small, medium-sized and well-known large enterprises in our list of clients.

Excellent service is one of the keys to our success

On various levels, ASCO DATA has created interfaces to all commonly used ERP/MRPIIsystems and supports direct 3D import from the established CAD systems.
ASCO products and all solutions based on them have been developed in-house at ASCO DATA. ASCO’s standard solutions cover a wide range of applications. However, many successful examples show that, even today, a tailormade solution can be the recipe for success – our experts are ready to give you both.

Your ASCO DATA representatives

Your ASCO DATA representatives are looking forward to your message.
We would present our products and services with pleasure using our webinar service.

Robert Galler
+49 (0)1511 61 799 73


Grenoble, Bremen – June, 2017

 ALMA and ASCO DATA are joining forces to form a leading group on the German sheet metal CAD/CAM market

Press release ALMA-ASCO


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